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Frequently Asked Questions

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Juno is a new global online marketplace, allowing registered members to legally buy and sell items, and display classified ads to prospective customers. What???s unique to juno, is the variety of payment options available, allowing easy and locally accessible transactions, even via mobile.

How do I create an account?

To start your Juno experience, simply go to (the global landing page) and select your country under the appropriate continent on the tabs above. You will be taken to your country???s version of the site, where your local language will be selected by default. You can toggle languages at the bottom-right of the page.

Registration can be done at any time within the site, by clicking "Register" near the top-right of the site banner. Simply enter your details as requested, and then click Join.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you provided, simply click the "complete registration" link (or copy & paste it to your browser) to be taken to your "Juno" profile.

How do I change my information?

While at the "my juno" page (accessed by simply clicking in at the top of the site) you can amend your details by clicking the "Account Details" tab (below the Create an Auction, Create a Sale and Create a Classified buttons). To access other information to amend, select one of three tabs on the left; (remember to click the Save/Submit button after you amend your changes.)

  • "Basic information" containing First, last, and usernames,
  • "Change Email" where you are prompted to enter your current Juno password before entering and confirming your new email address to be used with juno
  • "Change Password" also similar to above (current password, new password and validation)

Classified ads

These are simply advertisements for goods or services, put up by sellers. Here, you can simply contact the seller on more information on getting the item. To do this, simply click "Contact Seller" when viewing the item you like, and fill in the form to be sent to the seller.

For more information please visit our help center