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WiiTZS 1,810,000.00 electrus
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  • With motion-control technology, the gamer can truly interact with the game on a personal level, rather than participating as a passive player

  • Up to four Wii Remote Plus controllers can be connected at once using built-in wireless technology powered by Bluetooth

  • The Wii controller has a sensor on it that enables the user to select menu preferences, scroll through screens, and activate the game itself

  • The Wii includes the Nintendo Wii System, Nintendo Wii Remote, Nintendo Wii Nunchuck, AC Cable, Standard AV Adapter, and Sensor Bar

Maswali na Majibu

Tafadhali ingia kwenye akaunti yako kuuliza swali kuhusu bidhaa hii. Ingia - Jisajili

 Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset - BlackTZS 415,000.00electrusImewekwa Tar 25 Jan Saa 03:21 Asubuhi
TZS 415,000
 SteelSeries Apex Gaming KeyboardTZS 281,000.00electrusImewekwa Tar 25 Jan Saa 02:49 Asubuhi
TZS 281,000
 Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset, Black/Yellow (SMSLFY-207)TZS 207,000.00electrusImewekwa Tar 25 Jan Saa 02:41 Asubuhi
TZS 207,000
 MXL AC404 USB Conference MicrophoneTZS 240,000.00electrusImewekwa Tar 25 Jan Saa 02:21 Asubuhi
TZS 240,000
 Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with AudioTZS 625,000.00electrusImewekwa Tar 23 Jan Saa 04:15 Usiku
TZS 625,000